Working notes

Introductory word to Working notes.

With the present publication we start a series of notes dedicated to the methods of numerical modeling that are developed and implemented in the products of Company. The purposes of these Notes are the following: from one side – to provide deeper information about principles that form the basis of the calculation algorithms and about restrictions, that are imposed on the input data in a particular problem; from the other side (and this is the subject of our hope) – to draw attention to the considered problems and to stimulate ideas exchange with the specialists working on the similar problems.

The first of the above mentioned aims seems to be quite reasonable - everyone, from a student to a senior specialist, sometimes faces a necessity to refer to specifications that are provided by software developers. For the achievement of the second aim there exist various specialized forums and social networks that successfully accomplish their task. Nevertheless, the presence of such a blog on our web-site seems to us reasonable, because, from one side - it will be dedicated to a narrower circle of problems, and from the other side – it will avoid posts like: “please, help me with my homework”.

The modesty of the title – “Working notes”, chosen for this blog, is due to the fact that the presented materials are designed to inform the customer about the technical details of applied methods, but not to serve as an introduction to the numerical methods. We would also like to note, that those who look for original results should refer directly to publications in peer-review journals. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage the reader of our blog to contact us in case of any questions or just a wish to start a discussion. We will be happy to help others and to learn something new for ourselves.

In conclusion to this introductory word I would like to repeat and to join the slogan that I hear every week in the PodCast of my favorite journal AAAS Science: “Advancing Science, Engineering, and Innovation throughout the World for the Benefit of All People”.

T.A. Dauzhenka, PhD