3D geological modeling based on boreholes data


3D geological modeling is a very actual issue nowadays in building development, environmental assessment of ground (variably-saturated porous medium) pollution, assessment of mineral deposits, etc. There are different approaches to solve this problem by means of modern software designed for simulation in geology [1-3]. The most frequently used method is that of reconstructing geological model. This method is based on information about the levels of geological horizons occurrence received from the results of drilling [4-6]. The implementation of this method itself may have some peculiarities.

In this article an alternative approach for 3D geological model creation is being proposed. It is based on the following:
1) Surface triangulation of site topology
2) Automatic cross-section generation
3) Segment height interpolation for each layer of geological model.
This approach allows both simplify and accelerate 3D geological model creation while maintaining acceptable 3D site building accuracy.

The proposed method consists of six basic steps described below. The following information on boreholes is considered as given data: 1) borehole coordinates; 2) seamark; 3) capacity of geological horizons.

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