CUDA Project Template for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 IDE has a lot of standard templates for a New Visual C++ Project. But when using such parallel programming tool as NVidia CUDA Toolkit 5.0 (without any add-ins) one has to set every new C++ CUDA project manually.

Fortunately, the routine of setting becomes automated after installing the free CUDA VS Wizard 2.9. In few clicks one may create an empty CUDA project that compiles on Win32 configuration. To compile on x64 (see item 2) and to achieve purely cosmetic effects (items 3 and 4) complete the following steps.

1. Find the IDE installation folder, e.g. C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0. Further it is denoted as $(VSInstallDir).

2. Open the file $(VSInstallDir)/VC/VCWizards/CUDA/CUDAWinApp/Scripts/1033/default.js in a text editor. Find all occurrences of the path «$(CUDA_PATH)\lib» and replace them with «$(CUDA_PATH)/lib/$(PlatformName);».

3. Add the line «CUDAWinApp.vsz| |CUDAWinApp|1|A sample CUDA application.| |6777| |CUDAWinApp» to the text file $(VSInstallDir)/VC/vcprojects/vc.vsdir.

4. Correct the text of the hint «TODO: Wizard Description.», changing it to «A sample CUDA application.», in the file $(VSInstallDir)/VC/vcprojects/CUDA/CUDAWinApp.vsdir

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